Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new member of the Pack!!!

Last week we received the best news, Auntie M. adopted a little furbaby!!!
His name is Kobi, he is a Maltipoo and currently weighs 2 lbs... he was born in Florida
(where it is nice and warm).... he will reach 5-6lbs , just my size!!!

Here are some pictures of him...

All smart in his Preppy sweater!!!

He really is small ...
(no he wasn't drinking the bee, sillies..just to show you his size)
Woof! Woof!!

Don't worry Kobi , we'll be tail wagging really soon!!!

Auntie M. even with a hoodie its a Preppy sweater!!

Kobi, is still at Auntie M's (and now his too) Florida home!! I can't woof to meet him!!

Welcome to our Pack!!!

Paws & Licks, Dolce


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have Doggie Travel Bag ... Will Fly

I'm going through memories of my travels...

I have been traveling since I was a little puppy....

My 1st trip was a road trip to Montebello, Quebec
(the hotel ran out of doggie cookies, I was really sad and pawed a letter to them)
(in my letter I let the hotel know I was going to stay with their sister hotel in Montreal)

 My 2nd road trip was to Montreal, Quebec 

I was treated like Doggie Royalty... Fairmont Hotel, Montreal

Ahhh ... Summer 2009 ...  I'm getting use to travel life

Fall 2009 ... took me to Quebec City and my first airplane experience...

Winter & Spring 2010 ... I didn't get to go away far ... I went to doggie camp
while Mommy and Daddy went to Dominican and Paris

Summer 2010 ~ I learned about Cottage life when we visited Auntie M and Uncle M at their cottage

Fall 2010 ~ I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Florida
 at Auntie M's, Florida home.
They are very doggie friendly in Florida.

Hmmm... I was back to Doggie Camp
Winter 2010
While Mommy and Daddy traveled to SA

Well ... I hope Mommy and Daddy are planning a Spring trip and that I'm going too!!

Any suggestions where Mommy and Daddy should take me next???

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Adventures

Woof.. look at all this snow!! Where am I to go??? Somedaddy has not shoveled...

Thanks Daddy for making my paths, next time could you shovel before I have to go outside.. paws..

So...what is a doggie HairyBaby to do with all this snow....

Watch T.V. with daddy......

Going outside in all that cold snow is ruff work!!

Cuddle up .... and take a nap... and dream...
of things that warm my heart...

Ginger Bread Man sharing my food...

PRESENTS ... my new friend Kuddles was my Christmas Swap partner
Boy did I feel warm and happy when I pawed the box... 

So many goodies ... toys, treats and even treats for Mommy and Daddy
Kuddles is very thoughtful!!!

But nothing warms me up more than dreaming of visiting Auntie M and Uncle M
 in Florida ...it was hot and bright I had to wear shades!!

Auntie M, if you are reading this I'm ready for another visit....


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