Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes Life is Ruff...

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I have been at Camp and not able to paw my posts!
But, Mommy and Daddy are back and now we can get
down to business... Here is what I was up to over the holidays

So here I am ...enjoying the last few nights before the big trip,
 I heard Mommy and Daddy speaking about.

Santa, I have been a good Furbaby!!!

Tomorrow we take Stella to her new camp! She is too big to travel on the plane and
Mommmy and Daddy would never let her be put in cargo.

Woof, woof... all ready

Stella, licks and more licks.. I'll miss you....

Stella with her new camp friends... don't forget me ...
your little brother, Dolce!

Ready, lets pack Mommy...

Bark! Bark! why is my camp bag out???  

Whafff you mean I'm not going? ... ruff..ruff... I've been
practicing my Tango moves!

Arriving at my doggie camp!!!