Friday, May 6, 2011

My Cousin Kobi and Me...

While on my blog break, we went to Grandma V's house. It was a very long drive!!
But I had my buddy Rover to keep me company...

I settled in nicely when we arrived. Grandma V let me curl up on her blanket.

The new addition to our pack .. my cousin Kobi arrived with Auntie M and Uncle M.

He moved right in enjoyed sitting in my bed and playing with my turkey toy.

Woof!! Woof!! That's my short and shirt set you are wearing...

We did our best to stay from under foot... Grandma's kitchen smelled yummy...

Kobi is still a puppy .. so he wants to play all the time...
I think he is going to be bigger than me.. he is already as long as me!

Hmmm... I've never had a time out...

I think Kobi and I are going to be really good friends not just Furbaby cousins!!!


Mr. Pip said...

HI Dolce!

Kobi is just adorable!!! That picture of him in your outfit is just precious!!! Love that last one of the two of you together!

Yep, my mom dresses me up, too. I thought it might stop after she had a two-legger baby, but it hasn't!!! When my human sister was a baby (she's five now), my mom even used to dress us alike!!! Can you imagine!

Your pal, Pip

George the Lad said...

Hi Dolce
Kobi looks a fur ball of fun, that third photo made me laugh, him sticking his tongue out at you!!
You must fight your corner ;)
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Sarge said...

Hey Dolce!
Wow, Kobi is a cutie just like you! Looks like you had a blast together. Hey, I've got that same turkey toy...I had to look to be sure it wasn't mine, but nope, we just have the same one!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

pretty boy dolce groomer said...

that one is ALMOST as cute as the Dolce.
I did say ALMOST, 'cuz ain't no one ever gonna out cute my little furbuddy Dolce!

if we invited mommy 'n' daddy for a bbq, would you come too????

ya gotta, it's the law, my law, I made it up..........

luv ya, my little pal

Mariette said...

Oh Dolce,

How cute are those shoes you're wearing a while back... And now with your new cousin; wow, that is quite something. Keeps you on your toes for sure but that will wear off when he's growing up.

Lots of love,