Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have Doggie Travel Bag ... Will Fly

I'm going through memories of my travels...

I have been traveling since I was a little puppy....

My 1st trip was a road trip to Montebello, Quebec
(the hotel ran out of doggie cookies, I was really sad and pawed a letter to them)
(in my letter I let the hotel know I was going to stay with their sister hotel in Montreal)

 My 2nd road trip was to Montreal, Quebec 

I was treated like Doggie Royalty... Fairmont Hotel, Montreal

Ahhh ... Summer 2009 ...  I'm getting use to travel life

Fall 2009 ... took me to Quebec City and my first airplane experience...

Winter & Spring 2010 ... I didn't get to go away far ... I went to doggie camp
while Mommy and Daddy went to Dominican and Paris

Summer 2010 ~ I learned about Cottage life when we visited Auntie M and Uncle M at their cottage

Fall 2010 ~ I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in Florida
 at Auntie M's, Florida home.
They are very doggie friendly in Florida.

Hmmm... I was back to Doggie Camp
Winter 2010
While Mommy and Daddy traveled to SA

Well ... I hope Mommy and Daddy are planning a Spring trip and that I'm going too!!

Any suggestions where Mommy and Daddy should take me next???


Mary said...

Dolce-your posts make me smile. What an adorable puppy you were with your big ears that you obviously grew into.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! you sure do travel alot!! lucky pup and sooo cute.

sagechronicles said...

Wow! You sure are a jet-setter, even if it's not on a jet!

Mariette said...

Dearest Dolce,

WHAT a lucky canine baby you are for having such nice human parents. And you seem to be super smart; super cute and super nice!

Lots of cuddles and paws and a Happy Dolce (sweet) Valentine's Day!


Wyatt said...

You are living the dream, my little doggie pal...Woof Woof!!


Team Beaglebratz said...

Nice tu meet ya Dolce - Shiloh'n Shasta here - we saw u stop by the Valentine pawty over at the castle of Alien - Sallie tu.(Romance Puppy) We wanted tu stop by an'introduce ourselvez. You shur r a handsum dude - mom wood say u iza cutie-patootie (we try tu monitor what she sez - we don't want her tu embarrass herself - an'us tu). Anyway, we r nu followerz so may-b we can du our travelin thru u since our mom don't travel much at all. Hope tu c u around.

PeeS - we think your mom shood travel our way so we cood meet u'all.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Doll-che :) Life seems to be treating you wonderfully my friend. I'm sure you missed your Mommy and Daddy and are glad that they're back. Did they get you some nice presents to make up for their absence? I hope someday you can travel to India and meet Pablo!
Stay good!

George the Lad said...

Hi Dolce
Wow you get around thanks for sharing your visits, loved looking at the photos
Now where you mommy and daddy should take you?
Have you see where Flat George has been this year!!!
You can see by clicking on the photo at the top right of my side bar, its the photo him on a world map ;)
See yea George xxx

Alien said...

Thank you for being our new friend. Please come and spend the weekend at the party. You will meet lots of new blog friends.


sarah said...

too cute. .love the outfits...the hair in his eyes...the squishiness of his adorable self. ☺ and what a lucky dog to travel so much.

Sandy said...

Hmm, now I want a dog blog!!!!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!
Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

prettyboy dolce groomer said...

well, where ever mommy & daddy take you next, I think your groomer should go along just to make sure you are prim & proper every day!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...


Anonymous said...

I have two little yorkies (you can see them on and I love them so obviously I adore yours!! I am so glad other people put seatbelts on in the car! My husband thinks I am crazy! Going to show him these pics.